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'Luddenden in Bloom'

This website offers the chance to see the work that the people of Luddenden undertake to improve there immediate environment.

Using the 'Yorkshire in Bloom' and 'Britain in Bloom' campaigns as a framework we aim to make our community vibrant, sustainable and a great place to live in.


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This website is currently being developed and will alter throughout 2006.

Should you wish to contact us:
Jason Boom is the co-ordinator
Email: jason@jboom1.wanadoo.co.uk
Tel: 01422 881452

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Children standing in  the river


The use of plants to improve and enhace the environment. Plants provide us with food, beauty and wildlife. They provide us with a focus for our efforts, but it's not just hanging baskets.


The quality of your local environment can be determinded in many ways. Reducing litter, dog fouling and pollution are just some.


Using the resources we have carefully. Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.


Community involvement determines the quality and sustainability of our environment. The use of plants, recycling initiatives and working together to enhance the area in which we live through horticulture can achieve a sustainable environment for all.

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RHS Silver Medal at the 2005 Britain in Bloom Presentations

Receiving the RHS Silver Medal at the 2005 Britain in Bloom Presentations